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Don't You Forget About Her



Molly Ringwald, the disaffected star of such seminal '80s films as Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, is back in action. She's playing the title role in Sweet Charity, Neil Simon and Bob Fosse's acclaimed musical adaptation of Fellini's film Nights of Cabiria, which opens this week at The Orpheum. The Flyer asked Ringwald a few questions about singing, dancing, and life after director John Hughes.

Flyer: You're famous for playing skeptical, introspective characters very unlike Charity, the eternally hopeful taxi dancer.

Molly Ringwald: It's always more fun to play a character who's not like you, but I was raised with feminist ideas, so sometimes it's frustrating. Charity invests so much in being loved, and you just want to say, "C'mon!"

You're so closely associated with '80s teen cinema, does that make it harder for audiences to see you any other way?

I'm probably not as good as I should be. I stopped [voice] training when I was making movies and didn't pick it back up until 10 years ago. But I think most people who see the show are pleasantly surprised.

If I told you I had a hot screenplay, a Gen-X rewrite of The Big Chill, and all your Breakfast Club co-stars have signed on, would you leave the tour and join us?

I can't leave the tour. I have a contract, and I'd be sued. But after the tour's over I think I'd be open to doing a film like that.

Sweet Charity, The Orpheum, January 16th-21st, $15-$75

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