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Gannon-gate Redux



James D. Guckert (who wrote under the name Jeff Gannon), the "journalist" who quit his job covering President Bush amid criticism for his pointedly administration-friendly questions, visited the White House 196 times in two years, the Secret Service has disclosed. That would be unremarkable on the surface, since Gannon covered White House press briefings. But it turns out that Gannon was often in the presidential mansion on days when there was no briefing. And often, the records reveal, he either failed to sign in or sign out.

Representatives Louise Slaughter of New York and John Conyers of Michigan filed a freedom of information request for the Secret Service records of Gannon's visits. An article revealing the findings was published this week on the Web site The Raw Story. Guckert/Gannon owned several Web sites that advertised his services as a male prostitute, a fact that may or may not have anything to do with why he was in the White House day after day. But it certainly is an eyebrow-raiser. And it's an issue you'll be reading more about in days to come, we predict. •

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