El Ranchita Taqueria Staff Pick

Price: $-$$

El Ranchito is small and easy to miss, but don't! (And don't mistake it for the Ranchito Tax Service next door.) Inside, there are five small tables covered in blue-and-white checked tablecloths and a few stools at a side bar. A large counter opposite the door provides a window into the kitchen where you can see a couple of guys cutting meat from large bones and smoking whole chickens on the grill. Offerings include goat and pork meat sold by the pound and menudo sold on weekends. (No, not the band — the soup made from tripe known to cure hangovers due to its spicy nature.) The standard menu is just one page long and has several items blacked out. (FYI, it isn't uncommon for the items that aren't marked off to be unavailable.) There's no cheese dip or free chips and salsa.

Now for the good news. They aren't going to be out of everything! I especially recommend the burritos, the tortas, and plates. The beans are not standard-issue. They are served in a bowl, soup-like, and feature hot dog chunks and a hunk of bone for flavor. What El Ranchito lacks in salsa and cheese dip, they more than make up for in hot sauce (red and green). The best part about your chip-less meal will be the NOT-so-stuffed feeling you have after eating.

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