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'Socrates... said the unexamined life is not worth living .'


Memphis is happening, you know? I mean, this city is really starting to kick it into high gear. What with downtown and the Redbirds and the Grizzlies, Memphis is really getting noticed, and not necessarily for the swivel-hipped wonder. I was going to write about that this week, an how much I love South Main (as soon as my lease is up, I1m going to relocate on the trolley line and walk my dog in Tom Lee every night). But, instead (because, let's be honest, this column is supposed to be based loosely around Memphis, but is more loosely based around, well, me), I1m going to write about me. Like usual. It might come as a surprise to some of you, but I've been writing about me for about five months now. Yes, five long months of weekly Friday rantsabout my hair, my clothes, my apartment, my sad, pitiful lovelife. However, you may have noticed -- you see I flatter myself that people do actually read this space -- that for the past two Fridays, I1ve been MIA (or you might not have noticed at all, and that's fine, too. No offense taken). And I felt maybe I should offer a tidbit of an explanation During my younger days, I was addicted to's weekly blow-by-blow “Temptation Island” updates. And then, one week, I logged in to see which single gal had snagged Kaya’s heart, but Salon had no answer. It was the right time, the right day, but the regular feature was missing. I was heartbroken and angry; who knew a website could betray me like this?). I certainly don’t want to inflict any pain on my readers. Honestly, I began doing this column as a quasi-favor to a friend. It didn’t hurt that it would help me, as well, but there you are. Unfortunately, my friend’s health has taken a turn for the worse, and though we miss him like crazy and no one can ever take his place, our little web engine has to keep soldiering on. And it looks like in the fray of battle (just to keep the analogy going), my little Friday column got lost in the shuffle (either that or turned tail). And honestly, again, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the oversight. On the one hand: how could anyone forget my wonderful and masterful writing? On the other ... I think it was Socrates who said the unexamined life is not worth living. Obviously Socrates never had a weekly column about his life. I guess I never realized before how boring my life was. I knew I wasn’t a gal who flew by the string of her thong, but really. It’ll be Wednesday or Thursday and I1m sitting in front of a blank white screen thinking, “Oh, my God, I am such a loser. What should I write about this week? What did I even do this week?” (The worst part is when I realize exactly how little I get to the gym. Or how much closer to credit card debt I’m skating with each passing day.) Anyway, there you have it. Hopefully from now on I’ll be back on Fridays for good (or until I run completely out of things to say). I might even try actually writing about Memphis next week. Either that or my hair.

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