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Fly on the Wall 1353

Memphis romance, deer meat, and Prince Mongo



Secretly Admired?

Somebody at The Charlotte Observer has been sipping on some sizzurp and listening to Isaac Hayes records. A recent article slugged "Memphis for Romance?" notes that the Bluff City "has always had serious commitments to its music — world-famous blues, rock 'n' roll, soul, and all things Elvis." But where most travel stories stop, this one keeps going, and you can almost hear the porn funk in the background as the author writes about our renowned barbecue, chicken, and pork. "But on Valentine's Day, the city falls head over heels, dimming the lights and putting on a slow-playing record for all the local and visiting sweethearts looking for a special day or evening. It's a sexy city gone romantic." Right on.

Mississippi, Our Neighbor

Mississippi legislators have put forward a bill for a service that's being called Venison Harvesting Program for Inmate Consumption. If passed, deer meat could be what inmates are having for dinner, solving a problem that probably doesn't exist. "It costs $1.56 a day to feed an inmate," Rankin County Chief Deputy Eddie Thompson was quoted as saying. According to media reports, the bill would make hunters feel better about killing more than they can use.

Mongo Says

As more and more area politicians dip their toes into the mayoral campaign waters, your Pesky Fly has begun to stalk social media pages operated by Memphis' perennially barefoot candidate Prince Mongo, just to see what the old alien might be up to these days. Turns out Mongo's been visiting retirement centers and learning valuable life lessons, like this one, which he recently shared on Facebook: "Spirits just learned a hard lesson: NEVER go to the Sr. Center and bring up Deflate-gate and try to explain to hard of hearing old men about playing with under inflated balls, NEVER!!!" Sounds like a platform coming together.

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