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Signs and pink pants


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It's a Sign

Your Pesky Fly is a longtime collector of strange, confusing, and misspelled signs, like this delightful message salad found in a Germantown convenience store at the corner of Poplar and Forest Hill-Irene. Although the information attached to the men's room door is more of a collage than an individual sign, it still qualifies. What we see here is a standard men's room sign that reads, "men," of course, and also includes the universally recognized icon for "men." In case that wasn't enough to get the idea across, someone's also taped a green strip of paper to the door with the handwritten word "MEN." Then, as a bonus, there's a large stop sign with the scrawled message, "Please knock on the door before you pull." Have you got that, men? (Men?) (MEN?)


Frayser Man

Gary Johnson of Frayser was apprehended by a Kroger security guard who noticed grocery items falling out of Johnson's pink pants, which were lined with plastic bags and bulging at the seams. Somehow the would-be shoplifter had managed to shove an entire shopping cart's worth of toiletries into his britches. Items recovered included crotch-warmed razors, shampoo, deodorant, several bars of soap, some shaving cream, a variety of scented sprays and lotions and — maybe you should just see for yourself.




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