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Gannett columnist and University of Tennessee Law Professor Glenn Reynolds (AKA Instapundit) was briefly suspended from Twitter last week after tweeting words of encouragement to motorists inconvenienced by Black Lives Matter protesters in North Carolina: "Run them down."

In case you're wondering if this is just a misunderstanding, here's what Reynolds told radio talker Hugh Hewitt.


HH: Now let me do what I did with Donald Trump last week, ask you to expand. I think I know what you meant. If you are threatened, you can defend yourself. Is that what you meant, Glenn Reynolds?

GR: Yeah, I've blogged about that before where we've had other interstates blocked and people surrounded by mobs. I've always said I would just keep driving.

Reynolds later said if Twitter didn't like him, he'd be be happy to stop providing the social media platform with free content. Gannett, which owns six daily papers in Tennessee including The Commercial Appeal, suspended Reynolds' twice weekly column in USA Today for a month.

Beauty Jail

Has a hair-raising crime spree come to an end in Memphis?

Last week, police apprehended the five women who made two raids on Beauty Depot two times and B&P Wigs and Beauty Supply, stealing thousands of dollars worth of hair.

Still no word about what happened to the weaves or whether or not any of the hair was cursed or otherwise possessed by evil spirits, as some local news channels have suggested it might be. Ongoing.


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