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Fly on the Wall 1448



Sweet headline

Isn't it just like Dollar Tree and Save-A-Lot to take the last cookie in the jar without even asking anybody if it's cool? Judging by this Commercial Appeal headline, these bargain shops are up to their old, pie-thieving ways again. Only they're not. Binghampton isn't a food dessert, it's a food DESERT.



Totally Down

Does this ever happen to you? You're on the internet reading about how Memphis and Nashville were trying to create saner marijuana laws, but then the state Attorney General stepped in and said, "Oh no you don't," and then you catch a glimpse of the the West Tennessee Drug Task Force logo and realize sometimes initials mean more than one thing?


You can tell by the majestic bird's sly smile and smouldering bedroom eye.


Memphis makes a lot of national lists. Usually it's for things like being fat and/or homicidal, but this time it's because we're funny. Memphis was ranked as the fourth funniest city in America, according to a new "humor index" created by, an online app for streaming standup comedy. The Humor Index considers things like the number of comedy clubs, improv troupes, and snarky alt-weekly news columns a city has. Well, the first two anyway.


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