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Size matters

Sometimes tweets have two meanings. As The Commercial Appeal recently discovered.



"I am a son. A husband. A brother. A grandfather. A father. I'm a human being." — Ronald Hiers to CNN following the completion of rehab. Hiers and his wife became inadvertently famous after a video was posted to the internet showing the couple passed out on a Memphis sidewalk in really awkward positions following an incapacitating dose of heroin.



There seems to be an uptick in local TV news stations' sharing quirky animal stories from other markets.

If WREG posted a headline reading, "Police looking for owner of 'very angry' dog wearing blue pants, sweater," your Fly would tease the headline's writer for making it sound like the dog was all dressed up in people clothes. Only in this story, originally from Bellevue, Wash., the dog really was wearing blue pants and a sweater.


Not to be outdone, WMC shared a story from a Pennsylvania news station about a nervous goat from New Jersey that only calms down when its owner dresses her in a fuzzy duck costume. Local 24 scored a twofer by sharing a crime story starring a photogenic critter. According to 24, an Oregon man charged with various drug- and theft-related crimes had his mugshot taken with a parrot.


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