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He may be a laughing stock who lost his seat in the state Senate, but, Fly on the Wall is sad to report, we haven't heard the last of Stacey Campfield.

"I expect a whole bunch of executive orders reversing things Obama did," Campfield prophetically told the Tampa Bay Times. "I want to see work done on immigration. A good Supreme Court justice. If he does that, everything else is gravy."

Neverending Elvis

It's been another busy week for Memphis superstar Elvis Presley, who died in 1977 but, according to people on the internet, somehow managed to attend his birthday celebration at Graceland. According to Elvis spotters, this guy, cropped from a crowd shot, is the King. Looking good for 82.


Eff Nashville

While on the topic of Elvis, here's the best sentence from the Spring Hill Home Page's coverage of the Nashville Elvis Festival: "Organizers of the inaugural Nashville Elvis Festival are expecting Elvis fans to show up from all over the country when the event comes, not to Nashville, but to Franklin on March 30."

The Po-po

Fly on the Wall turns its attention to Clarksville, TN, and a man falsely accused by the police of carrying a carton of Newport cigarettes, a broken glass pipe, and a tire gauge in his anal cavity.

According to subsequent reports from the Montgomery County Sheriff's office, the original arrest warrant was incorrect. All those items were found on Jason Littleton, but he was carrying them in his clothing, which isn't nearly as impressive.


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