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Sometimes captioning goes wrong. Sometimes a line like, "Hotter than Memphis asphalt," becomes, "Hotter than Memphis ass farm." Okay, that only happened once, on a single episode of Sun Records. But the error was captured and shared on social media by Memphis journalist Emily Yellin, and once the internet gets ahold of something like this, magical things are sure to happen. MAF indeed.


Nashville Now

Memphis has had its share of awkward moments in honoring African-American heroes, but even in this, Nashville had to see if they could outdo us. According to The Tennessean, families, politicians, and descendants of Frederick Douglass gathered to honor the famed social reformer, who had visited the spot a century earlier.

"Together," the newspaper reported, "they unveiled the new sign that rectified a mistake that for many years left the park with the wrong name — Fred Douglas Park."

Douglass was recently described by President Donald Trump, as an "example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more."


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