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Shake it Up

Last weekend, thrill-seeking Memphian Felicia Robinson was injured while taking a spin on the Twist and Shout, a Wild Mouse-style roller coaster in Hot Springs, Arkansas. According to reports, Robinson was having a lovely time until centrifugal force threw her 10 to 15 feet. There's no record of Robinson's words before being thrown from the Twist and Shout, but we suspect they were "Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh [SCREAM]!"

Crap on, Crap off

For going above and beyond the call of doodie, Fly on the Wall would like to present Channel 5 news with this month's "Howard Hughes/Cleanliness is next to craziness" award. In mid-July, TV-5's "Secret Swab" reporter Jason Miles took the cameras into public restrooms in restaurants all over town. Guess what they found? Fecal matter! Although we're thrilled that our television stations are so concerned about the public's health, we can't help but wonder what they thought they would discover in a room commonly referred to as "the crapper." We also have to confess Fly on the Wall has felt bad for Channel 5 reporter Miles ever since we saw him showing viewers how to drape bathroom tissue over public toilet seats. Being on television is supposed to be glamorous, isn't it?

Anti-Semitic Times

The Commercial Appeal also deserves to be recognized for excellence in unconscionable political reporting. A front-page story July 31st contained a number of unsubstantiated claims, and brazenly anti-Semitic remarks, about 9th District congressional candidate Steve Cohen, including this hateful comment by Julian Bolton: "The only reason [Cohen] wants to join [the Congressional Black Caucus] is that he wants to get money for Israel." Memphis blogger The Freedonian nailed it when he responded, "Imagine for a moment that Steve Cohen had said, 'Don't elect Julian Bolton. He only wants to send money to Africa.'" And sadly, that's about the size of it.

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