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Quote of the Week

Over Labor Day weekend, President Bush made a less-than-perfect attempt to navigate a virtual Coast Guard cutter through a computer simulation of Baltimore harbor at the Seamans Training Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

"They made the boat rock a little bit," Bush told the AP. "I got slightly discombobulated."

Wrong Song

Memphis rap superstars Three 6 Mafia have asked for the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Ramone Williams, who claims he was badly beaten at a concert when fans took the lyrics of the song "Let's Start a Riot" a little too seriously. Williams says he was knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked, resulting in injuries including a fractured jaw. It's particularly unfortunate for Williams that the literal-minded fans weren't treated to a convincing performance of "Slob on My Knob."

Bear Meat

In August, Memphis Grizzlies forward Hakim Warrick inked a one-year endorsement deal with Bryan foods.

The lanky hoopster will soon appear in print, radio, and television spots promoting the Mississippi-based company's extensive line of meat products. Apparently someone in marketing saw Warrick's graceful, ballet-like on-court moves and thought, Now that's a bunch of baloney.

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