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Memphis Rocks

A glowing review of the Bluff City recently printed in New York's Epoch Times caused the Fly-team to do a double take.

After wondering why there might be a big silver pyramid anywhere outside of Las Vegas, ET's travel writer made an astonishing claim: "It's a wonder. Literally. The pyramid houses Wonders, a project that was born in 1986 under then-mayor Dick Hackett. ... Will Wonders never cease? Not by the stunning exhibits they've brought to Memphis which include the Titanic, Imperial Tombs of China, Czars — 400 Years of Imperial Grandeur, the Etruscans, Catherine the Great, the Masters of Florence — Glory and Genius of the Court of Medici. ... There is great stuff in the Pyramid of Memphis."

The article quotes Twyla Dixon, former marketing director for the late, great Wonders series, which ceased operations in 2006 due to sagging attendance.

Duck Soup

Hillary Clinton visited Memphis this week as part of her campaign to become president of Freedonia ... er ... America. Anticipation of the former first lady's arrival caused so much excitement that even the Peabody ducks forgot how to behave and, as one campaign correspondent put it, "ran amok." According to reports, three ducks went AWOL, and one who escaped into a banquet room was missing for the entire day.

CA Gray

A poll commissioned by The Commercial Appeal regarding race relations asked several reflective questions, including this one: "Why do we allow a white court clerk to stir up racial anger about a party for Kwanzaa, an African-American celebration, held in a county building?"

Deep thoughts from the newspaper that described Kwanzaa — a 40-year-old humanist celebration of African American traditions — as a holiday with "religious overtones."

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