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It has come to our attention, by way of a rather long, disturbingly apoplectic editor's note printed in The Daily News, that Fly on the Wall — a column that regularly teases local media for getting things wrong — got something wrong. It's true, and we're sincerely sorry for the mistake. It turns out that "Out on a Limb" isn't just an insensitive-sounding headline in The Daily News, it's also the insensitive-sounding name of a limb-loss support group that provides services far more valuable than the wrongheaded play on words might suggest. To atone for its mistake, the Fly Team will attempt to organize a charity tea for cancer patients called "One Lump or Two?"

The Daily News went on to accuse Chris Davis, Fly on the Wall's principal scribe, of being an unreflective, pie-throwing stooge who falls into a violent rage each and every time he encounters a pun. While those who know Davis best would agree that there's some truth to that description — especially regarding the pies — the observation seems irrelevant given the chief complaint in last week's Fly on the Wall was the scary connotations of coupling the un-punny headline "Mercury Rising" with a photograph of Captain D's, in an article that had nothing to do with contaminated seafood.


The Commercial Appeal insulting its readership's intelligence? Who'da thunk it? On the other hand, who could have predicted that Chris Peck, the paper's editor, would go so far as to address his readers as livestock? But that's exactly what he did in a Sunday column suggesting that the current nationwide housing scandal is only an economic disaster to people with a "herd mentality."

"Herd, hear this," he wrote. "With the panic over a slowdown in the economy now reaching full throttle, mortgage interest rates in Memphis ... will fall to their lowest level in 40 years." Hooray for unethical lending!

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