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Just Darling

Last names are so last millennium. 9th District congressional candidate Nikki Tinker is poised to join the ranks of Elvis, Cher, and other celebrities who outgrew complex nomenclature. A recent e-mail from her campaign begins with the announcement that, "Nikki has officially kicked off her campaign to be your next Congresswoman." Nikki's last name doesn't appear anywhere in the letter except for the closing disclosure, "Paid for by Tinker for Congress."

Should her latest run for Congress prove unsuccessful, perhaps the Pinnacle Airline attorney will return to the political arena as a symbol.

Graffiti Bridge

Some graffiti has cropped up on the recently restored and freshly painted railroad trestle on Front St. near Butler. The inartistic green scrawl isn't lewd or profane. In fact, the message, "You are safe," is almost comforting. The vandals got away, of course.

Gangsta Gangsta

We're all Joe Pesci now. A recent report by My Eyewitness News Everywhere got right down to business: "Police say people in Memphis are willing to shoot to kill over just about anything these days," reporter Sarah Buduson said in prelude to a story that was about people shooting people over video games, tools, and dogs.

Sigh. What happened to the good old days when people shot each other over money, cocaine, or their lowdown cheatin' ways?

Reading Marilyn

If conservatives stop reading The Commercial Appeal, the liberals win!

In her most recent screed, Marilyn Loeffel, local politician and culture warrior turned CA columnist, wrote that her audience is composed of conservatives, who don't read the paper because they don't wish to support the liberal media, and busy, cash-strapped "middle-of-the-roader[s]," who therefore "don't know about the warfare of words, the rhetoric rebellion."

Does General Loeffel write for anybody who actually reads the paper?

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