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Wang Dang Doodle

There's nothing the Fly-Team loves more than good fake news. Unfortunately, some of the writers at, a website devoted to news satire that occasionally gets picked up by search engines as if it were an actual news site, don't always understand that comedy is in the details.

For example, a recent article claimed that Hannah Montana's dad, former mullet enthusiast Billy Ray Cyrus, was arrested after exposing himself at a Beale Street nightclub. The article was illustrated with a picture of '70s rocker turned firearms enthusiast Ted Nugent.

Graffiti Bridge II

Last week, this column mentioned train-trestle graffiti on South Front that said, "You're safe." A smaller work of graffito, reading "I heart Memphis," has joined that comforting message. Strong, sensitive vandals? What's the world coming to?


My Eyewitness News reports that a Shepherd-mix puppy had been stabbed, beaten, spray-painted, and left for dead in North Memphis. Investigators told reporter Dana Rebik that they had no suspects but believe the attack may have been gang related because of the spray paint. No representative of Memphis' largest K9 gangs — the Pound Puppies or the Bone Thugs — are currently taking credit for the incident.


Super kudos to My Eyewitness News reporter Sarah Buduson for "uncovering" the five most dangerous places in Memphis for women. According to Buduson and Sergeant Marty Almond, the scariest places in Memphis for women are, in ascending order, college campuses, gas stations/convenience stores, ATMs, mall parking lots, and, the most dangerous place of all, your home! So, ladies: no learning, no shopping, no money, and no unlocking any of your doors to go outside. Got it?

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