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Truth & Dishonor

On Monday, October 6th, Memphis' favorite conservative talk jock Mike Fleming sat down to his computer keyboard and posted a scathing rebuke of Mayor W.W. Herenton on the website of WREC AM. Fleming was particularly irritated with the mayor because ... well ... for some damn reason.

According to his blog post, "Memphis Mayor 'King' Willie Herenton," is a "LOSER" for "dropping out of anything remotely smelling of a deal involving the mayor."

"With the FBI snooping around, it was a wise move," Fleming continued. "Oh, 'King' Willie has now knocked John Ford out of the leader in the clubhouse on our awards number of making the top 'loser' in our never-ending quest for truth and dishonor."

We couldn't have said it better. Mostly because we have no idea what it means.

More on Mike

Color us late to the political key party. While checking out Fleming's online commentary, your Pesky Fly discovered that the tiny Caucasian pundit has kept up a running video debate with WDIA jock Jeff Lee, an African American. The In Black & White Show is posted on YouTube and features the two chromatically and ideologically dissimilar radio personalities talking about current events over what sounds like soundtrack music from '70s-era porn flicks. Seriously.

Brit Lit

"It is hot in Memphis and the humidity hangs about you like a layer of clothing." So begins a BBC News report slugged "As the turmoil in the financial markets continues, Alan Little visits Tennessee in the southern USA, where many people view the crisis as a clash between Wall Street and Main Street." Six hundred and twenty-three words into the 882-word piece — after a healthy discussion of Elvis, segregation, and barbecue — the writer introduces Take Denisa, a Memphian who is losing her home to foreclosure.

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