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Living Ghosts

Eddie Montgomery of the country music duo Montgomery spoke to The Oklahoman about recording at Memphis' Ardent Studios: "Well, I tell you, we recorded at Ardent Studios and as soon as you walk in, there's just this kind of ghost feeling. I mean, there's ghosts in this building, I know there are, because you walk in and you see where Led Zeppelin's been there, ZZ Top's been there, B.B. King, the Rev. Al Green, Steve Earle." So is Zeppelin' original drummer John Bonham haunting Ardent? Because the rest of those guys are still alive. Horrible moaning sounds might be attributed to the ghost of Steve Earle's liver.

living ghosts, part two

Yes, the economy is in the crapper, and people are losing their homes left and right. But the housing-market crash means there are plenty of abandoned, bargain-priced treasures waiting to be snapped up by lucky home shoppers. Just check out the pictures from this 5,400-sq.-ft. Memphis foreclosure. Sure, all three furnaces and air conditioners have vanished, as have both water heaters and every appliance, but the larger-than-life airbrushed mural of the M bridge survived.

Half of the lighting fixtures and a quarter of the plumbing fixtures are missing, but there's an awesome recessed-ceiling painting of "Hotter than July"-era Stevie Wonder.

Yes, it's a real fixer-upper, but the house contains the only known portrait of Martin Luther King shaking hands with Denzel Washington's Malcolm X.

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