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My Eyewitness News recently looked into complaints filed against school bus drivers and discovered that these haulers of precious cargo have been caught smoking on the bus, talking on their cell phones while driving, and swearing at children. One driver kicks troublesome kids off the bus, no matter how far they are from home. Another refuses to pick up special-needs kids, while yet another can't keep control of his passengers at all. In other words, it's like it's always been.


This just in from, a California-based news website: "Memphis Police Department Asking Gang Members to Help Them."

Guess that's the next logical step after plans to relax police residency requirements in order to recruit new officers from outside Shelby County was voted down by the City Council. The article, which originally ran on WMC-TV's website under a different headline, is specifically about Ronald Baldridge, a former gang member who used his old connections to help police obtain information about the rape of a 13-year-old girl. Still, those spiffy uniforms don't exactly fill themselves.


Is My Fox Memphis taking cues from its cable-news cousin, the ethically challenged Fox News Network? How else to explain a story asking whether Barack Obama's administration would intervene politically if Memphis mayor W.W. Herenton were indicted? Reporter Les Smith presented no evidence for the insinuation but did recount the story of Bill Clinton's involvement with the 1992 corruption investigation of Harold Ford Sr. According to Smith, Clinton was "knowingly in need of black congressional support." Herenton, who is not a congressman or in any position to assist the president politically, does have one thing in common with Ford and Obama. All three men are African American. As is Smith, weirdly enough.

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