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Column writing isn't easy, and once in a while, even the best news and opinion journalists wind up padding their allotted space with some weird personal anecdote that may or may not have anything to do with the rest of the article. Take, for example, the strange case of "Chick Chat" columnist Catherine Stout and an embarrassing story about her in Tuesday's Commercial Appeal: "In the '90s, elected officials frequently referred to Memphis as a 'city of good abode,' Stout recalled, noting that Mayor Willie Herenton used the phrase in his first inaugural speech 17 years ago.

"I remember hearing that speech at The Pyramid and, to my 10-year-old ears, 'good abode' sounded like 'good or bold.' Color me clueless because for nearly two decades my Memphis has been "The City of Good or Bold."

Stout explained that "a tickled editor" finally set the record straight last week. "When you think about the nickname, City of Good or Bold kind of works, eh?" the writer asked of her 20-year misunderstanding, which — unless Memphis is a barbecue sauce — just isn't true.

Taco Hell

Memphis firefighters found themselves battling flames and freezing temperatures on Monday when a Taco Bell in Berclair went up in smoke. Officials have suggested that a defective water heater caused the blaze, although, if there's any truth in advertising, it may also have resulted from the secret consumption of the last Volcano Taco. Or maybe somebody spilled the fire sauce.

Pothole vs. Godzilla

Breaking news from My Eyewitness News 24/30: "A giant pothole on Interstate 55 is fixed after causing a rough ride for some commuters." According to the report, this vicious monster pothole, which was located near a construction zone in the southbound lane near Mallory, caused at least 10 blowouts before it was destroyed by Mothra.

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