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Jackie McPherson, a reporter for Eyewitness News, recently scored an interview with a former gang member who was dubbed "Mr. X." The mysterious Mr. X joined a gang at the age of 12 and did as he was told: "You rob somebody, beat up somebody, tag a building with spray paint." Mr. X, who was filmed in silhouette, said he witnessed friends being stabbed and shot during gang fights, which is sad and probably true but awfully hard to take seriously when you use the same pseudonym as Homer Simpson.

Hello, Larry

In response to mayoral candidates who've considered changes at the Memphis Police Department, director Larry Godwin told Fox 13 News: "I don't think Larry Godwin holds the key to everything. But I think Larry Godwin cares." Nothing says "Larry Godwin cares" like talking about Larry Godwin in the third person.

Pyramid Pointers

The Commercial Appeal recently asked some of Memphis' outlying mayoral candidates what they would do with the Pyramid. The most thoughtful answer came from Beale Street's most flamboyant bar owner and petting-zoo operator, Thomas "Silky" Sullivan, who told the CA that if he's elected mayor, he'll give the building to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in order to create a kind of "United Nations for sick kids." If that doesn't work out, a Sullivan administration might consider developing the Pyramid into a rehabilitation center for alcoholic billy goats.

Reviewing Reatard

The lede from a Boston Herald review: "Jay Reatard would be a menacing dude even if he didn't, on rare occasion, punch an audience member's lights out. Not that he's a violent man. He's probably played thousands of shows without beating anyone senseless, as was the case Friday night at Harpers Ferry." The critic, who clearly wants a whoopin', went on to compare Reatard's singing style to an "adrenaline-frenzied Smurf."


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