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On Thursday, October 29th, bloggers and twitterers made hay with a headline that read, "No Major Incidents Reported in West Tennessee this Morning," followed by a hard-hitting, one-sentence article that said, "No major incidents reported overnight in West Tennessee according to local officials."

Reader comments on the article included: "This is serious! It's seriously serious! We must take action against this inaction"; "Thanks for that. I thought something happened, but I guess I was wrong"; "WOW!!!"; and something off topic about how people need carry permits because "hoodrats" are transforming Jackson into "Little Memphis."

Headline of the Week

This week's headline comes to us courtesy of reporter Matthew Pace of TV station ABC 24: "Memphis Police Arrest Accused Booze Bandits." The headline, with its eye- and ear-grabbing double alliteration, topped a story about a duo who allegedly burgled thousands of bucks worth of booze from the Heart of Frayser liquor store.

Talking Memphis

Last week, Fly on the Wall took a look at some less than flattering reviews of the new Broadway musical Memphis. This week, it's only fair to take a look at some of the raves. According to the Bergen County Leader — "the voice of the Meadowlands" — the show is "enjoyable and pleasant, like a new stick of gum. But the flavor only lasts from curtain to curtain, nothing more and nothing less." Fern Siegel, deputy editor of MediaPost, praises the show's "zippy, toe-tapping numbers," noting that Memphis heats up ... but "fails to ignite." reports there are "moments of predictable schmaltz" and "the ending is most definitely contrived," but "the rest of Memphis is bursting with gutsy storytelling, convincing performances, and exhilarating moments that more than make up for a bit of predictability." It also reported that box office grosses were down by 23 percent last week.


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