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Good Hair

Attention, mad scientists and all others with an interest in cloning Elvis: The BBC is reporting that Homer Gill Gilleland, the hairdresser once charged with keeping Presley's mane black and shiny, is putting a hunk of hair up for auction on Saturday, November 14th. The hair, which has been appraised at around $416, comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Faking It

History can be a fragile thing, and already, Memphis, a hyperbolic Broadway musical about an interracial love affair at the dawn of the rock-and-roll era, is taking its toll on the facts. Writing for the Villager newspaper in Wilton, Connecticut, critic David Rosenberg claims that Memphis tells the "fact-based" story of Huey, a young, white man in search of his soul. Although the story was inspired by DJ Dewey Phillips' Red, Hot & Blue radio show, Memphis — like Gone With the Wind, The Flintstones, and other works of semi-historical fiction — is a product of the authors' imagination.

Dirty Socialists

A WREG story about city councilman Shea Flinn's proposal to turn Presidents Island into an adult entertainment district attracted some interesting responses. One commenter, who used the screen name Cain, called the plan Socialism 101 before complaining about real criminals who abuse governmental power and "those who don't contribute to a functioning system." Cain's thoughtful solution to all of this socialism and abuse was "we need a holocaust."

Sign of the Times

We're not sure what it says, but buying up gold in the shadow of a Goodwill thrift store must mean something. Thanks to Jackson Baker for the photo.

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