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Lucilo Perez, described by the media as "a man willing to do just about anything to get to Memphis," wasn't willing to do one thing. He wasn't willing to pay the Miami cab driver he enlisted to drive him from sunny Florida to his apartment in Midtown.

According to various reports, Perez agreed to pay $3,000, or 18 times the price of a Greyhound bus ticket, for the 16-hour trip. Upon arriving in Memphis, Perez said he didn't have the money and was subsequently arrested for theft of more than $1,000.

This unusual story has generated many astute user comments at WREG-TV's website, including: "Perez should have to come up with the cab drivers money before he gets out of jail. His name sounds Mexican he can borrow from other Mexicans"; "People who commit theft crimes and can't pay back the money should be sentenced to punches in the face by a jury of Alzheimer's disease"; and the classic "Thats stupid on all accounts. a trip like that on faith, never in this world ... there's your change Oblama."

Court Date

Nineteen-year-old Jordan S. Christensen of Appleton, Wisconsin, was sentenced Friday to a year in jail and three years probation after stealing his foster parents' car and driving to Memphis with his 16-year-old girlfriend. Judge John Des Jardins' ruling came with this unusual order: "No dating of the opposite sex without permission of your probation agent." Apparently same-sex dating is okay, which should come in handy during that year in prison.


According to a press release sent to the Memphis Flyer, Mid-South Satanists are planning a special Christmas Day black mass. There was no information regarding times or location, but presumably you can just ask the little red guy on your left shoulder for directions. You know, the one with the pitchfork who keeps telling you it's okay to have another round of cookies and eggnog.

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