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Lost in Love II

Last week, Fly on the Wall teased Channel 5's Jason Miles after the prolific twitterer — and apparent soft-rock fan — bragged about having a "convo" with one of the Air Supply guys.

"Pretty cool," he tweeted, leaving the Fly Team to wonder if this was the first time the words "cool" and "Air Supply" had been used in a sentence not related to refrigeration. Miles was a good sport and took his ribbing in stride, although he did complain that he had been quoted selectively and out of context. In his original tweet, Miles said that his "convo" would have been "cooler" in 1981.

House Special

In a Q&A in last week's Flyer, Steve Cohen, the United States representative for Tennessee's 9th congressional district, was identified as "Senator Steve Cohen." Last Wednesday, a Cohen staffer brought the error to your Pesky Fly's attention and asked me to thank everyone for the promotion, which led me to think that the congressman's people really should hang out in nicer bars.


This pilfered Facebook pic is yet another fine example of vanity plates gone terribly, terribly wrong. No, there was no Photoshopping involved; it actually says "BUTFUL1."

Junior samples

Since he first floated the idea that he might attempt to become New York's next U.S. senator, former Memphis congressman Harold Ford Jr. hasn't been able to catch a break. This week the flip-flopping political opportunist who fled Tennessee after a failed senatorial bid was tweaked by the New York Daily News for taking corporate-funded trips while in office. The headline: "Lots of miles on this Ford."

Adding insult to injury, television host and satirist Stephen Colbert named Ford "Alpha Dog of the Week" because he "knows who he is and who he might be in 15 minutes."

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