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Mongo Triumphant!

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Prince Mongo has finally won a code enforcement dispute brought against him in response to the Prince's "wacky yard décor." Although his house near Daytona Beach is still painted a variety of eye-straining colors, Mongo has dealt with many of the original complaints leveled against him and an American flag now dangles from a clothesline that was recently hung with a colorful assortment of women's underpants and brassieres. But Mongo isn't off the hook yet. According to the Sentinel, the Volusia County sheriff's office filed a complaint against Mongo for displaying five nude paintings of women in his front yard.

Weird Science

According to a press release issued by FedExForum, Walking With Dinosaurs, the arena spectacular scheduled for May 21st-23rd, has been canceled "due to unforeseen circumstances." Like a deep-impact meteor perhaps? Or an ice age? Or did FedExForum screw up and book Walking With Small Egg-eating Dinosaurs as its April spectacular?

Criminally Convenient

Thirty-six-year-old Stephanie Vester was charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder after crashing her car into the Union Avenue police station. On the bright side, it's believed that police responded to the incident in under 20 minutes.

Justin's Memphis

The New York Post reports that Memphis-born pop star turned actor Justin Timberlake wants to see Memphis the musical become Memphis the musical the movie. According to the Post, Timberlake took his girlfriend, Jessica Biel, to see the Tony-nominated show last week, and, while visiting backstage with composer David Bryan, Timberlake mentioned that he would be interested in seeing Memphis on film. We here at Fly on the Wall are more interested in seeing the inevitable McRib meal tie-in.

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