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Dadgum Varmints

They may seem cute and cuddly, but don't be fooled: Many of our small woodland creatures are rabid, human-hating monsters waiting for an opportunity to take over. A raccoon — described by the AP as "acrobatic and mean spirited" — was recently blamed for scaling a 30-foot fence and causing a massive power outage that left 8,000 MLGW customers in the dark. But do you know who isn't being blamed for this incident? The terrorist squirrels that trained him.


Hats off to WREG for figuring this whole Internet thing out. The folks at Channel 3 understand better than anyone that news content may be important, but what people really want are pictures of girls with guns and babies with beer.

Pop Culture

From Commercial Appeal editor Chris Peck's column, "The Evolution of Southern Men": "In the South, people talk about their daddies. Who your daddy is makes a difference. What your daddy told you about life sticks with you. Father's Day gives us a chance to consider what it means to be a good daddy. A good daddy in the South. A good Memphis daddy. Unfortunately, many Americans have some stereotype in mind when thinking about Southern, or Memphis, daddies."

Some condescending Yankee editors also have a stereotype in mind when thinking about their readers.


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