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Burger King

Local wrestling icon Jerry "The King" Lawler is more than just the fire-throwing, pile-driving king of the Memphis ring. Over the years, the Bluff City's most famous ringsman has been a politician, a fireworks peddler, a rock-and-roll singer, and an announcer for Vince McMahon's WWE wrestling. Now Lawler is teaming up with former county commissioner and convicted felon Joe Cooper to open King Jerry Lawler's, a wrestling-themed deli and retail shop downtown.

"One sandwich Jerry wants to have is the Piledriver," Cooper told The Commercial Appeal, describing a sandwich with "every kind" of meat "piled up high." Hopefully, this will be more successful than Slamburgers, the last Lawler-themed eatery, which featured "Jabroni Burgers" and hot dogs as big as announcer Lance Russell's nose.

If the deli folds, Lawler could license his new partner's name and open the Joe Cooper Money Laundry.

Laser Tag

For those who may not have noticed, the future arrived in Memphis this week. How else can you explain headlines like "Strange Green Laser Targets FedEx Planes Flying into Memphis"?

The laser was also pointed at boat pilots and police officers before being traced to the roof of the Pembroke Square Apartments, where three men were allegedly drinking, smoking pot, and pointing a green laser at stuff. Although media sources maintain that this is no joke — lasers can cause severe retinal damage — it should be noted that green lasers are generally associated with Jedi masters. Red lasers are more likely to denote nefarious Sith activity.

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