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The Memphis Business Journal sent the Flyer an email containing an offer we could, in fact, refuse: "Competition is tough. Receiving Memphis Business Journal's 2005 recognition means you did something special to stand out ... With our current promotion of $100 off, your plaque will cost just $59. Save it from being discarded!" That's right folks, vintage recognition at bargain prices!

Get Motivated

Can somebody help find the moral to this story? At the recent "Get Motivated" business seminar, Leigh Anne Tuohy, who inspired Sandra Bullock's character in The Blind Side, told a story about the time her adopted African-American son/professional football player Michael Oher asked his father to fire the manager of a Taco Bell. The manager didn't believe Oher was the owner's son and refused to comp a meal for him and his friends. "You don't look like I birthed you," Touhy supposedly told her son. "But isn't it wonderful that he thinks he does?"

The 20th Hole

John Daly's estranged fourth wife, Sherrie, has pennedTeed Off, a tell-all book about her life with the party boy golf pro. The former Mrs. D claims to have found an address book belonging to a disreputable woman who gave John X-rated pictures of herself. "I went through every phone number in it, whether it was her boss or her parents. And I sent them the picture of her coochie with a note that went something like this: "This is the vagina of the woman I just found in bed with my husband." Nice.

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