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Baiting the Alien

Last week, Fly on the Wall reported Memphis' alien, Robert "Prince Mongo" Hodges, was back to his old tricks of annoying neighbors in Wilbur-by-the-Sea, Florida, where the Zambodian prince keeps his winter palace. This week, Mark Lane, an editorial columnist for the Daytona News Journal suggests that the intergalactic royal is nothing but common space trash.

"Although Mongo/Hodges claims to be prince of the planet Zambodia, other sources maintain he's a lowly sub-prefect of the planet Thoraz 3, a dinky swamp world near Proxima Centuri," Lane writes. "Floridians are all too familiar with people who show up here in summer and tell us how important they are back home." In the words of E.T., "Ouch."

Hot Dog

It's bad enough that pets suffer at the hands of cruel and negligent owners. But insult follows injury when headline writers fail to account for double entendres, like this one from WREG: "Woman Behind Bars After Dog Found in Heat."


Men's Health magazine reports that Memphis is a lazy place. On a top 100 list ranking American cities from the most to least active, Memphis came in at 88. Maybe I'll write some more about that after a nap.

Antisocial Network

The Fly Team is fascinated by, a social networking site for sharing mugshots and arrest information via Facebook and Twitter. It's a great source for fashion inspiration, and you can rank the hotness of your favorite jailbirds on a five-star system.

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