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Monster Mashup
Literacy Mid-South in Cooper-Young is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the people in our community achieve literacy. It should be noted that its window mural of an evil-eyed Super Shakespeare also helps people in our community achieve the weirdest nightmares.

Dirty South
The University of Memphis received some free publicity last week when a porn video of April Pratt, a young woman claiming to be a U of M student, went viral. One especially comical clip features Pratt on her knees, performing a pornographic act, while being interviewed. A portion of the transcript: Interviewer: Say hey to the camera. Pratt: Hey. [smack] Interviewer: College girl, huh? Pratt: Yeah. [gurgle] Interviewer: What school is that? Pratt: University of Memphis. [smack] Interviewer: So you like the school? Pratt: Yeah. Go Tigers! [schlurp]

Weird WREG
Your Pesky Fly is always amazed by what can be found in the sidebar of the WREG news website. A fairly recent addition: awkward pet photos. You know, like this...

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