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Clash, Titans, Etc.

Filmmakers working on a pair of documentary films about the freed West Memphis Three have "clashed" over access, reports The New York Times. Pam Hobbs, the mother of victim Stevie Branch, signed a life-rights deal to consult on the Peter Jackson-produced nonfiction feature West of Memphis, making her unavailable to shoot fresh interviews for Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's third installment of HBO's influential Paradise Lost series.  

In a column for The Playlist, entertainment writer Drew Taylor notes, "What's particularly interesting about this is ... how righteous both projects make themselves out to be, citing the importance of their independent investigations." He concludes, "It's like when Volcano and Dante's Peak were coming out, except much bleaker."


Jesus Wept

WREG reporter Wayne Carter's report about a fight that broke out during communion at New Salem Baptist Church in South Memphis is a perfect example of something, although the Fly Team isn't sure what exactly. According to Carter, who visited both the church (where he was asked to leave) and the home of one of the unnamed brawlers (where he was not allowed in), "One woman poked another woman in the chest and asked if she was going to start something." He ended his report saying that some "thing" had been going on between "certain members of that church" for "a long time."


In an article about Cirque du Soleil's multimillion dollar Viva Elvis show at the Aria Theater in Las Vegas, entertainment writer Phil Hevener asks the hard question: "What went wrong?"

"Elvis was a show without heart. A lot of talent, but no heart," said Minnie Madden, a Las Vegas-based producer/director-turned-critic. An unnamed commenter, described only as a Las Vegan and "devout Presley fan," was quoted as saying, "There are only three things wrong with it: the music, the scenery and the dialogue. Other than that, it is not bad."

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