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An "injury" sustained following an attack by wrestler Mark Henry earned Memphis' Jerry "The King" Lawler a place on's top 10 funniest WWE moments of 2011. "The King could have had a broken arm, a cracked sternum or a fractured spine. But that just wouldn't do. According to Michael Cole, Lawler was suffering from 'anal bleeding,' which, for some strange reason, actually wound up trending on Twitter after Cole mentioned it on air."

True Crime
We're just over a week into January, and there's already a strong contender for stupidest crime of the year.  

This is the face of 27-year-old weed peddler Brian Harris. Harris called police last week, claiming he'd been robbed of $500 at gunpoint and was in close pursuit of the armed thief, who was shooting at him. The cops raced to intervene. But when they finally caught the alleged robber, he had no gun and no money. Harris, it seems, had made that part up to get the police to help him catch a client who'd driven off without paying for his pot.

The University of Central Florida has received a $300,000 grant from the Templeton Foundation to study "the relationship between space travel and spiritual experiences." According to the UCF student newspaper, a simulation will attempt to replicate spiritual experiences among astronauts, and a team will then analyze the reports "using a software program developed at the University of Memphis." Whoa. U of M software designers have figured out how to analyze the spiritual experiences of astronauts?

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