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Classy CA

When big news happens, like a mass tragedy or the release of a highly anticipated film, it's natural that area media outlets will look for a way to localize the story and, especially in this age of interactive digital communication, ask consumers to share their thoughts. Last week, The Commercial Appeal provided an excellent example of how not to do that when the website posted this headline at the top of their page ...

And this headline at the bottom ...

Asking about the movie-going experience isn't the same as asking readers how they liked the movie. Responses like this one from a commenter using the screen name "Memphis Chicks" are inevitable and probably deserved: "When I heard the first shot, I headed for the exit, slowing only to hurdle over the screaming women and children. Overall, I give the performance a B-."

Dubya Does Dixon

Last Monday, former President George W. Bush visited the Dixon Gallery & Gardens in Memphis where he told a group of civic leaders that he'd taken up oil painting. Bush said he was "kinda stuck" on painting dogs, a disappointment to collectors who've been anticipating abstract meditations on brush-clearing.


Last week, Fly on the Wall repeated Wired UK's report that artist Koby Barhad spent $22 for a wad of Elvis' hair and used it to genetically engineer a pair of Elvis mice. Turns out that was all a hunka hunka burning crap, although it is a project the artist is exploring in light of ethical and legal concerns of genetic mash-ups.

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