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Last week, Fly on the Wall ran a photo of a pickup truck/meth lab with the words "METH LAB" painted in the window. This was done by the police, not the entrepreneur. That doesn't mean the image shouldn't be included in the opening credits of any TV show set in Memphis.


Somebody fetch "Don't Say Gay" legislator Stacey Campfield a copy of Gloria Gaynor's greatest hits, stat! In a recent blog post, Campfield wondered in print if he could ever love the media again. "I have been burned so many times, I just have very little faith," he wrote.


Rya Backer of MTV News got a big scoop last week. While shopping for marijuana-themed Halloween costumes with Triple 6 Mafia's Juicy J, she learned the secret of "swagarooni."

"Swagarooni is very important," J told Backer, listing it as his eighth favorite hobby after girls, strip clubs, girls, money, cash, jewelry, and "some stuff." Apparently it's also too hot for TV. "Swagarooni," J said, holding up a big rubber pot leaf smoking a joint, possibly a Halloween mask. MTV blurred the image.

Weaponized Elvis

Was Elvis America's secret Cold War weapon? Writing for The Daily Beast, Jon Wiener claims that "Elvis loomed large in official East German thinking about the Cold War." Wiener quotes East German defense minister Willi Stoph who described Elvis' rock and roll as "a means of seduction to make the youth ripe for atomic war."

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