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Secession, Music "Journalism," and an Extreme Coupon Brawl



Leaving Memphis

In recent blog posts, Tennessee senator Stacey Campfield compared basic health-care coverage to "leather or suede seats for your new Ferrari when you only make $250 a week," whined that conservatives can't win without "social issues," and, when contemplating secession, wrote, "Tennessee will never secede from the union, as we would have to take Memphis with us."


Vice magazine writer Kelly McClure invented a new journalistic style in her story about a Roky Erickson/Nude Beach concert at the Hi-Tone, which consisted primarily of an interview with her self-described "sex partner slash vagina girlfriend." A sample question: "Would you say that the majority of the audience was overweight, or no? And if no, what did they look like?" A: "Yes, almost every female was fat as f#$k, obese in fact. The men were less fat, but that happens. There will be like the weird skinny metabolism guy anywhere. Dudes get fat less. Yeah the dudes were fatter than what we are used to, but many of them had that lucky metabolism thing (cause you f#$*ing know what they're eating)."

Hardcore Shopping

Black Friday pales in comparison to the black-and-blue Wednesday before Thanksgiving when a Memphis Dollar Tree customer, described in media reports as an "extreme couponer," was given a bloody eye and a fat lip by store manager Shauna Shipman. Shipman refused to honor Melissa Monzo-Marte's Advil coupons. A cell phone video circulating online shows the bargain shopper being told to "make like water and run" prior to the incident.


"It's a history lesson, but it's more than that, it is very much a story of how one individual can change the world. It's empowering." — Sue Frost, producer of Memphis the musical, as quoted in The Democrat & Chronicle. Empowering we'll give her. But her history lesson is fictitious.

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