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Jerry Lee Lewis, ass fun, the study of Elvis, and Marc Gasol



Killer Geography
A tip of the hat to reader DM who dropped by Jerry Lee Lewis' new Beale Street Honky Tonk for some beers, only to discover that while he's still a masterful piano-pounder, the Killer's geography skills leave something to be desired. According to the restaurant's beer list, Jerry Lee's place offers a range of domestic beers, such as Pabst Blue Ribbon and Budweiser, as well as exotic imports like Ghost River Golden — imported all the way from South Main Street, less than a mile away.


Never let it be said that the people who bring us Memphis In May don't offer a little something for everybody. Is this MIM banner advertising a very special Swedish massage, perhaps?

Neverending Elvis
"Looked about as easy as any of them." — 87-year-old Helen Joan Hunter explaining why she took "The Study of Elvis," an online course offered by Arizona State University exploring the cultural impact of Elvis Presley. The class earned Hunter enough credits to finally graduate from college, after taking a 66-year study break. She earned an A-minus in the class and a TCB+ from all of us here at Fly on the Wall.


Following the Grizzlies' Game 3 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, team owner Robert Pera tweeted a picture of Marc Gasol's giant frowning head on the Dos Equis man's body. Cigar smoking really ages the hands.


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