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"Puppies," Panties, and Beale Street

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Found Puppy


This flyer spotted in a window on the Main Street Mall advertises a found "puppy." The animal, which is described on the poster as being "not very friendly" and "Fe-Male," has an awfully nice smile. We here at "Fly on the Wall" hope that s/he will be reunited with her/his human sooner rather than later.

Panty Raid

A Memphis man was arrested last week for possession of women's underwear with intent to sell. According to reports, Joe Milam opened his very special pop-up shop at a downtown MATA station and attempted to sell approximately $800 worth of Victoria's Secret underwear. The fancy drawers were unworn and still festooned with original price tags and clearly ineffectual anti-theft devices. Few souvenirs really scream "Memphis" like a pair of stolen bus station panties.


Last week, the late-night scene on Beale after the Grizzlies/Thunder game blew the mind of at least one blogger for The Oklahoman. Some excerpts: "As nutty as this series has been, it pales in comparison to Beale Street ... the 21st century version of Dodge City on a Saturday night ... This was a scene so full of madness, people from Chicago were stunned ... A guy asked if we were news media. Said we ought to do a story on discrimination. Said he wasn't allowed onto Beale Street because he was wearing animal print." The Convention & Visitor's Bureau just can't buy that kind of advertising.


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