Fuego Maya's Staff Pick

Fuego Maya's is very crisp and clean with a living-room feel to it. Murals of Mayan temples cover the bright-green walls, and perfectly color-coordinated plastic plaid tablecloths cover the tables. The menu does not feature the typical numbered specials. Rather, it offers a variety of tacos, tostadas, gorditas, and huaraches. There are also a few unusual items such as bacon-wrapped shrimp and fish tacos. Patrons start the meal with plentiful chips (nice and warm) and fresh but mild salsa. The standard white cheese dip is also available, but it is creamier and, dare I say, cheesier than usual. And no meal would be complete without the fresh and flavorful guacamole. All of the dishes come with generous helpings, particularly the beans and rice. If you have any room left after your meal, try some of the "Mexican Candy" (figs, sliced pineapple, and papaya covered in sugar) available at the counter.

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