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Gilbert Gottfried at Chuckles



Some things are always true. The sun comes up in the east, water flows downhill, and Gilbert Gottfried is funny. He's also obnoxious. Grating. He can say some wildly inappropriate things, and it seems like he's always in trouble. But like the old lounge comics he takes his cues from, he'll get you with the zingers. Gottfried's long and varied career in stand-up has taken him from the U.S.A. Up All Night to Disney Studios. But he still packs his bags and works comedy clubs all across America. This week he's performing at Chuckles comedy club, so we asked some questions about life on the road and being fired by Donald Trump. Or something like that.

Gilbert Gottfried
  • Gilbert Gottfried

Memphis Flyer: I saw this on social media and had to ask. What was it like when you were on Celebrity Apprentice and Donald Trump grabbed your lady parts?

Gilbert Gottfried: I was both shocked and flattered. I thought it was a little forward of him, but I was very impressed by his success.

You have a real knack for saying things that get you into hot water.

I thought I'd keep that out of the press.

But most of the time you turn it around and it works for you. Gift or curse?

Oh, God. Employment-wise, it's a curse. Bad part is losing work. And the internet goes nutty on you. But the good part is, sometimes when something happens to me that's some big controversy, it's almost like slapping a "new-and-improved" label on an old product. If the top story of the night is your career is over, it means it definitely isn't over."

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