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Last weekend, The Commercial Appeal's Daybreak section took WREG to task saying, "We were as flummoxed by local TV news as we've ever been [when] News Channel 3 reporter Andy Wise punctuated his interview with Claudine Marsh, Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton's former girlfriend, with numerous references to Jesus Christ, religion and faith. Marsh granted him an interview because of their common 'bond,' Wise said a 'belief in Jesus Christ'The newly pious preacher's (oops, reporter's) take was odd because typically, journalists aren't required to share anyone's beliefs, religious or otherwise. They're just supposed to get the story and tell it fairly." IRONY ALERT!!! On the very next day, CA columnist Wendi Thomas, in a holier-than-thou fit of wild presumption admits that while watching the Ford/Herenton freak show she's forgotten to do something rather important. "What I didn't do is pray [for Ford and Herenton]," she says. "Will I refrain from writing columns critical of elected officials? That's not a promise I'll make. Will I pray for them before my fingers touch the keyboard? That's a promise I'll keep." Score one for King Willie! After all these years he's finally brought the mainstream media to its knees.

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