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“Guns, Violence & Justice” at the Metal Museum


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A necklace made of triggers? Art inspired by weapon stockpiles? Armed ducks? These are just a few of the things you'll see at the Metal Museum's "Guns, Violence & Justice" exhibit, and people have questions. Curator Grace Stewart says people want to know if the show takes a strong political stance. "They want to know, is it anti-gun or pro-gun? And it's neither," she explains. "But I do think it's anti-gun-violence. And we sincerely hope — no matter where people fall politically, or from a policy perspective about guns and gun rights and restrictions — hopefully they'll be open to conversations about what they can do about violence in their communities."

Jump the gun at the - Metal Museum.
  • Jump the gun at the Metal Museum.

"Guns, Violence, & Justice" showcases socially conscious work by six metal artists, while creating a neutral space for conversation. It opens at the Metal Museum Sunday, January 15th, and asks questions about everything from the recreational usage of firearms to community militias.

"In America, we view guns as tools for justice and as tools for violence," Stewart says. "We want to look at how attitudes about guns expand out to how we deal with other people, how we deal with foreign policy, and how we deal with our own communities."

Some of the artwork and jewelry on display is crafted from guns and parts obtained through neighborhood gun buyback programs aiming to get guns off the street.


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