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Hit the Road


There are in the annals of travel lore many stories about a spouse or a child or dear old grandma being accidentally left behind at a rest stop. There's a more elaborate version involving a husband who makes a quick pit stop along the side of the road as his wife naps in the backseat. Unbeknownst to the husband, the wife wakes up and decides that she too will take advantage of the facilities. Of course, the husband comes out of the bushes, drives off, and leaves her. But the kicker in this tale is that the wife, having been too warm in the car, had stripped down to nothing and was abandoned naked as the day she was born. The story has a happy ending, of sorts, as the wife is rescued by a biker who puts her on the back of his motorcycle and then races to catch up with the husband, who we presume was quite startled by the sight of his nude wife on the back of the bike. Believe it or don't.      And so we begin our annual summer guide with a cautionary tale, as this issue is devoted to road trips, one of the most glorious and carefree ways to fill the summer hours. Even with high gas prices, the road trip is an economical way to go (assuming you leave the Hummer at home). These trips are all within a few hours, if not minutes, as is the case with our trip to West Memphis, Arkansas. We also head to Tunica, Mississippi, a destination spot for gambling, sure, but a lot more too. We'll tell you about a pearl farm north of Jackson, Tennessee (with a quick stop at Country Hooters). We'll take you to Holly Springs, Mississippi, for the world's best cheeseburger and test the waters at Blanchard Springs in Arkansas.      So hit the road already, and, if you need to make a rest stop, make sure everybody gets back into the car.

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