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Chef Marisa Baggett, best known for her sushi skills, has cooked up a new side venture she's calling Hunny's Buns. She's baking fresh yeast buns and packing them with savory fillings. (She also plans to add salty sweet candies and "otherwise intriguing treats" to her offerings.) The five flavors currently available are Asian barbecue pork, chicken kimchee, Japanese-style curry vegetable, orange duck, and mustard pretzel. These are not your typical buns. They are a gourmet version of the steamed buns found in Asian markets. My favorite is the Asian barbecue pork, which is bursting with tender roasted pork tenderloin tossed in a sweet, sesame-scented barbecue sauce. Think of it as the cutest, neatest barbecue sandwich ever. More adventurous eaters will enjoy the chicken kimchee, which includes spicy cabbage, and the orange duck, which includes candied ginger and orange peel. Those who are looking for something a little more standard will appreciate the mustard pretzels that include Chinese hot mustard and hot dogs. (Soy dogs available by request.) Hunny's Buns are $12 per half-dozen and $22 per dozen. — Stacey Greenberg

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