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Since there are plans to bring I-69 through Memphis, this piece from The Hoosier Gazette seems prescient: John Hostettler, the congressman representing the 8th District of Indiana, has been convinced by local religious groups to introduce legislation in the House that would change the name of an Interstate 69 extension to a more moral-sounding number. Hostettler, a proponent of the interstate extension, says, "Every time I have been out in the public with an 'I-69' button on my lapel, teenagers point and snicker at it. I have had many ask me if they can have my button. I believe it is time to change the name of the highway. It is the moral thing to do." Of course, the Gazette is an online satire magazine that publishes fiction front to back. But in this new era of "moral values," that sounded about right. -- Chris Davis

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