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Letter from the Editor



Often, when I'm out and about, people will say to me: "I wish the Flyer came out every day." My response is always the same: We do.

At MemphisFlyer.com, we post fresh news, gossip, politics, sports, and entertainment stories several times a day. You might say it's all the news that doesn't fit -- or that happens in between our weekly paper editions.

For example: In the past week, readers who went on MemphisFlyer.com were the first to learn of Commissioner Deidre Malone's $20,000 payment for PR work from a firm that won a school construction bid. They got the news of city attorney Sara Hall's resignation just after it happened. They learned that pop star Pink is building a replica of Graceland in which to bury her recently deceased bulldog, Elvis. (Which is God's way of telling Pink she has too damn much money.)

They read an on-the-scene report by Jackson Baker from Governor Bredesen's inauguration in Nashville and a controversial column by John Branston that asked, "What are the Grizzlies really worth?" They read about Justin Timberlake's partying at the Sundance Film Festival, Ginnifer Goodwin's ugly Golden Globes dress, and Cybill Shepherd's thoughts on playing a lesbian in The L Word. There were terrific Web-only columns from Chris Davis, Frank Murtaugh, "The Gadfly," and others. (And by using the "reader comments" feature, you can tell everybody what you think about that stupid editor's letter or Chris Herrington's proposed Pau Gasol trades.)

The Web site has another pretty snazzy feature: searchable listings. You want to hear some blues in Midtown on Friday? Just plug in your terms, and if it's happening, you'll know immediately.

And, of course, all our regular in-the-paper stuff is there too, archived and searchable back to 1998.

MemphisFlyer.com: When once a week is not enough.

Bruce VanWyngarden


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