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To the Editor:

R.F. Hine's astonishing letter to the editor (October 21st issue) dismissed E.L. Doctorow's brilliant insight into the life of G.W. Bush ("The Unfeeling President," October 7th issue) and then trashed General Eisenhower for suffering casualties on D-day in a necessary war, as opposed to Bush's unnecessary casualties in Iraq.

I suppose Ike is lucky to get off as well as he did, since his son John, a lifelong Republican, is urging voters to dump Bush on November 2nd.

Neil Nokes

Eads, Tennessee


To the Editor:

Kevin Mitchell's letter in the October 28th issue presented an interesting paradox: While stating his dislike of intolerance, he admitted that his family hated Republicans. Strange words coming from someone who professes to being a Christian and a devoted member of the party of tolerance but not at all surprising. His oversimplification of the subjects he addressed are typical of people of his mind-set. Against gay marriage? You hate gays. Against affirmative action? You want to relegate blacks to second-class citizens.

Ronald Reagan said it best when he said he didn't leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left him. That's why Southerners are voting Republican in record numbers. I used to think that I voted Republican, they voted Democrat, and that's all there was to it. Then I started reading the Flyer. Thanks for showing the true side of Democrats and validating my choice of political party.

Gary Shelly


To the Editor:

Kevin Mitchell accuses Southerners of voting Republican because they have anti-gay and racist attitudes. Mitchell cleverly lumps together those who are anti-gay with those who are anti-black, but the two things have nothing to do with each other.

Many of us have made certain moral issues a dividing line we simply will not cross. The issues of abortion and homosexuality are the major ones. Other issues, such as economics, foreign policy, and social needs are important but will take a back seat to the first two.

If the Democratic Party would realize this and present a candidate who stands on the conservative side of these two issues, as well as First and Second Amendment rights, they would no doubt sweep the Southern states and probably the country.

Doug Logan


Kerry and Mary

To the Editor:

Everyone I know says that they jumped when they heard Kerry refer to Mary Cheney as a lesbian in the third presidential debate. Most said it was inappropriate; some said it was just weird; and others said it was the worst kind of politics. I think that it was something different and perhaps a little harder to understand.

I think it comes down to the fact that we as Americans are still not comfortable with gays and lesbians. We can handle Will & Grace, but when it is someone real, someone in the spotlight, it becomes a little less distant. It's an issue that is still sensitive to most Americans, despite how many episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy they watch, so Kerry's words seemed inappropriate.

Bryce Ashby



To the Editor:

The self-righteous United States says it will step up inspections at the Canadian border now that Canada is considering decriminalizing small amounts of pot. U.S. officials are claiming that the Canadian pot is a new, high-potency variety.

Baloney. These claims are always made by those who don't have a clue about pot potency and have never partaken of God's great flowery gift, a drug that when taken as a tea or tincture is safer than all legal and illegal drugs. These officious born-again bores and bluenosed Babbitts will go to their graves never knowing what they missed.

Don Johnson

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Correction: Tommy Foster was incorrectly identified as "Terry Foster" in the October 21st cover story, "Indie Memphis."

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