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About Time

To the Editor:

It's about time someone complained about the trash on Fox and the other networks ("Faux News," December 30th issue). Adoption agencies from all over the country have spoken out about Fox's new trash show Who's Your Daddy? Not to be outdone, NBC jumped into the trashcan by publicizing Amber Frey's new book. She signed a six-figure deal to make money off another woman's death.

The FCC, with Michael Powell at its head, allows male-enhancement drugs to be hawked during the dinner hour. The FDA seems to appove any drug that will make money for the drug companies, no matter how many it might kill. The head of the FDA used to be a drug-company lobbyist, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised. Some so-called religious leaders seem not to care that President Bush has appointed foxes to guard the henhouses. If the Religious Right is so worried about where America is headed, they can start with the FCC and the FDA.

Jack Bishop


The Big Bad Wolf?

To the Editor:

Some of us remember the song "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?" Lately, it appears Mayor Willie Herenton loves to play the role of the big, bad wolf ("Are You Following Me?" December 30th issue). He huffs, he puffs, and he tries to blow down the county mayor's house. I applaud Mayor Wharton for standing his ground when Herenton fires at him. He seems to have a feel for making ideas work. He appears to be a man of diplomacy, not of threats.

The citizens of Shelby County might not mind consolidation as much if they didn't have to "merge" with Herenton. Instead of pointing fingers at others, perhaps he should point back at himself. Maybe he is the real obstacle to consolidation.

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Lots of people.

M.C. Best


Yea, Us!

To the Editor:

Way to go, team! I love the "Helping Out" section of the Flyer's Annual Manual (January 6th issue). The rest of the publication is very nice as well, but I particularly appreciate your emphasis on the importance of service. Hopefully this kind of prominent placement will get more people aware of and involved in meeting critical needs in our community. It's good when we can get people focused on helping others without having to have a tsunami or a 9/11 as a wake-up call. Very nicely done. Thanks.

Ken Hall

Vice President

of Communications & Marketing

Memphis Regional Chamber

Blowing Things Up

To the Editor:

On the same day that the Church of the Holy Communion in Memphis raised more than $85,000 for victims of the Asian tsunami, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh had the audacity to question if the disaster was really as big as being reported.

Limbaugh declared: "We do have a tendency to blow these things up. ... I have been suspicious of these numbers from the get-go. First day, 12,000; then 14,000; then 50,000. Then 60,000, then 100,000, then 140,000. There was even a number -- 400,000 -- thrown around out there. Who's verifying this?"

Apparently Secretary of State Colin Powell's comments meant nothing. Powell stated, "I have been in war and I have been through a number of hurricanes, tornados and other relief operations, but I have never seen anything like this."

I guess we can see who is compassionate and who is just a pompous jerk.

Aaron Prather



To the Editor:

Belatedly coming to grips with the enormity of the Asian tsunami while on vacation, President Bush responded with halting and indecisive steps, initially pledging $10 million, then $35 million, and then, shamed by critics and the oupouring from other countries, $350 million.

Meanwhile, he is planning to ask Congress for another $80 billion to add to the many billions already sucked into the black hole of Baghdad. Here is surely something for the moral philosopher to ponder: vast sums for man-made destruction and a needless war, and a relative pittance for the incredible destruction wrought by nature.

How many hearts and minds across the Muslim world might have been won by even a modest reversal in budget priorities? Is there some demonic force in human nature that impels us more strongly toward the love of power than to the power of love?

M.L. Wilson


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