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Gas Pains

In Chris Davis' article about Honda hybrids ("Gas Pains," October 6th issue), the Dobbs Honda salesman was quoted saying a Honda Accord would get in "the low 40s" for miles per gallon. Honda's own Web site says 26 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. On a 15-gallon tank, that is about 105 more miles per fill-up. At $3 a gallon, that's around $7.68 a tank in savings. If you average a tank a week, that is just under $400 a year in fuel savings. If the hybrid costs $5,000 more, it would take more than 12 years to come out even. (Not calculating the cost of replacing the battery pack.)

Is the hybrid the way to go? Not in my mind. Not yet.

Mark NolanArlington, Texas

Radioactive Hot Dogs?

John Branston's article on the proposed radioactive-waste incinerator on Presidents Island (City Beat, October 6th issue) begins with dismissive and misleading rhetorical questions, develops a bizarre and irrational business conspiracy theory, then ends on how the manufacturing of hot dogs might be similar to radioactive-waste disposal.

If the City Council permits the expanded "radioactive-waste facility" here in Memphis, then our city will be one of the largest metropolitan importers of radioactive waste in the nation.  This may look good in stockholders' portfolios, but the permanent citizens of Memphis would live with its costs. No euphemism, business jargon, or just-out-of-view location will be able to cover up any real-life accident, mishandling, or earthquake that spills this highly toxic material into our local water and soil.

As a concerned citizen of Memphis, I hope that our local stockholders can make ethical investments for everyone's future. Let's find better, less population-dense sites to dispose of the unfortunate byproducts of our modern technological age. There's still time. Wilson McCloy


Rant Rants

It was refreshing to see Chris Davis writing instead of Tim Sampson in "The Rant" (October 6th issue). I assume Sampson has been chained in a padded room until he stops hallucinating that Barbara Bush's face is on the dollar bill. Nevertheless, the witch hunt for DeLay fails to amuse, despite Davis' baroque rhetoric.

Let's face it. DeLay is being persecuted for violating a law that did not exist when he performed his "conspiracy." And laws regulating campaign contributions abridge our freedom of speech. So, Ronnie Earle and his spooky Texas grand jury need to spare us further tricks until Halloween actually gets here.Phillip Stephenson


I am a "displaced" Memphian, currently making my home in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I am a subscriber to the Flyer and an avid reader of Tim Sampson. Personal and physical setbacks have peppered my recent life, and sometimes it seems like music is my only refuge. I so enjoy receiving the Flyer and reading about my favorite haunts and local bands. I also enjoy a little political debate from time to time. After a very crappy day, I opened my Flyer and read The Rant, for which Sampson is often criticized. I have two comments: Sampson's comment regarding W's "Roe v. Wade -- let those people get out of New Orleans any way they can" was absolute oxygen to me. I laughed so hard, I almost hurled. So, thank you. Secondly, if it wasn't supposed to be a rant, why the bleep is it called "The Rant"?

I just wonder if the people who are complaining about Tim understand this. And may I add, that whatever the contents, people are taking notice of the new Flyer. Thanks for all things Memphis!

Sandy Busby

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

As Above, So Below

We can look at this time of planetary disturbances and natural disasters as the Earth cleaning itself of diseases. Bird flu, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. are Mother Nature's way of telling inhabitants to clean up their mess.

We've all seen pictures of the Earth from space, and we know the planet is very much alive. Mother Earth has ways of cleansing herself of pollution, just as humans have ways of shaking off colds and other diseases. As above, so below.Ron Lowe

Nevada City, California

Editor's note: In Bianca Phillips' article "My Furry Weekend" (September 15th issue),Tsarus was identified as the group that was running a hospitality suite for the convention. The suite was actually run by members of the Tennessee Leather Tribe. Just so you know.

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